I recently decided to take general notes of the books I read. Intented to me at first, I also want to share it here. Always keep learning ! rocket

The score takes care of itself

The prime directive was not victory

The most important thing I learned is that attitudes and actions are more important than the seek of victory. As he says, the score takes care of itself. It is better to seek a high Standard of Performance instead of victory. Implement those standards and the victory will eventually follow. It reminds me the quote of Zapos' CEO Tony Hsieh :

Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.

The top priority is teaching

The most important thing i learned is that when you shape an organization where everybody feels the ownership of every little wins or defeat, it has a powerful effect. They demand and ask a lot of one another. It is crucial to have a team in which everyone think like that. And that is the role of the leaders to teach this. Never teach something two times the same way - always change the way of explaining things in order not to be redundant.

Winners act like winners (before they are winners)

The most important thing i learned is that people want to be a part of something special, an exceptional organization. And that is the environment we have to create. The culture precedes positive results. It is like a word-class car and its assembly line. You have to create first a world-class assembly line before creating the world-class car. That is why achieving success takes patience, time and fortitude.

Seek to be near the summit

The most important thing i learned is that you have to create a base camp near the summit. A permanent camp where you can restart after failing from trying to achieve the top. That’s why the Standard of Performance is here. It helps recover faster from a failure and always learn and improve from everything. Always learn. Always.

How I avoid becoming a victim of myself

The most important thing I learned is that we have to master our field in order to be efficient on the big game. Because when the final - big game - will come, we must not be stressed or think to much to know how to elevate our skills. It should be done instinctively, like the natural consequence of long, hard working hours.

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